baseballI've got a sore ankle and I'm worn down, so here goes a little one touch of the news of the day.

(And if you like this picture, here is where you can get the t-shirt )

- WV Hooligan and Fake Sigi have takes on the on going stadium saga in Portland.

- Jonathan Bornstein has been nominated for the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

- He's also been invited to meet with Honduras' leader. Although, I hope he passes that one up given the political turmoil there.

- If you want to hear the reaction in Honduras to the Bornstein goal, here is the video.

- Ridge Mahoney takes a look at why there was so much injury time in the game.

- The Original Winger has a look at one US Supporter's trip to the Costa Rica game.

- Bruce @ DuNord calls it the best tie he's ever seen. It's hard to disagree.

- I like how Eddie Johnson has become the forward that shall not be named.

- Ireland is ticked about the World Cup playoff seedings.

- The US is 11th in the latest FIFA rankings and Mexico is not ahead of them. If Mexico gets a better World Cup selection seeding than the US, I'd love to hear the logic as to why.

- Montreal has sold out all 13,034 seats for tomorrow's second leg of the USL 1st Division final which will be carried live on FSC tomorrow afternoon.

- Portland's Gavin Wilkinson was named the USL-1 coach of the year and Puerto Rico's Cristian Arrieta was named the league MVP when the awards were announced yesterday.

- Crystal Palace Baltimore is moving forward with plans to build a new 7000 seat stadium.

- Scott Vallow and Rex the Rhino will be out and about doing appearances this weekend.

- Rob Clark has been busy as he has carried out 11 interviews so far and has 4 more lined up for the next week or two. Rob and Scott Vallow have mentioned that some player signings should be coming soon and Vallow said that the Rhinos hope to have the new coach in place within the next month. Hopefully they hire the right guy!

I also hope that they can land a maestro.....

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