ECWhether it's this player in Bolivia or West Ham United and Millwall fans going at it, it's a lovely day to be a soccer hater.

When there should be more stories like this one about the fan support in Portland, we get news that the English FA is investigating violence and racism.

But on the good news side, Peter Wilt is back with his second blog posting at Pitch Invasion. This post is entitled "How not to lose fans and alienate people". FC Dallas management needs to read this one!

Peter also points to a very interesting article about relinquishing control and empowering passionate fans. The only problem is that too many people that run soccer clubs are control freaks!

MLS TV ratings issues?

MLS Talk

MLS should draw better TV ratings that the EPL and La Liga? Sorry, but I can't buy that theory until the day comes that MLS is on par quality wise with the best leagues in the world.

Soccer fans in America are smart enough that they know high quality soccer when they see it.

The issue with MLS's TV ratings aren't the time of matches, the network they are on, or anything else. It's all about the quality of play and the perception of the quality of play.

If the quality of play improves, so will the popularity of the league and the TV ratings.

News & Notes:

- Bill Simmons (aka ESPN's The Sports Guy) is throwing himself into becoming a soccer fan. His latest podcast is an interview with Alexi Lalas. It was a good listen.

- Jozy Altidore bagged his first goal for Hull City on a nice free kick. Phil Brown is now expecting more goals from Jozy.

- Sounders fans are petitioning for this cool looking retro jersey and calling out DC United's Kevin Payne ahead of next week's US Open Cup Final.

- Is Vancouver's MLS expansion bid in trouble if BC Place isn't renovated? It's going to be interesting to see what happens with the stadium situations in Portland and Vancouver.

- Here is a little point-counterpoint on the USL sale front.

- Here is a cool video of Clint Dempsey's goal celebration in Europa League play.

- Toronto FC may be in trouble as DeRo doesn't seem to be too happy and all sorts of people are wondering what the heck is up with the club's treatment of fan fave Danny Dichio.

- Could the MLS Reserve League return in 2010? Sigi Schmid says that there is a behind the scenes push for just that.

- With Puerto Rico, DC, and Columbus getting spanked by a combined score of 11 to 2 in CCL play, I'm not going to post links to the highlights. Or more accurately, the lowlights.....

- I guess it is safe to say that Bruce Arena is the Anti-Ruud Gullit. I wonder if the Red Bulls are kicking themselves for letting Bruce go and hiring Osorio?

- I am disappointed in Salt Lake City as there are about 3000 tickets available to US-El Salvador game.

- The Red Bulls Rookie Cribs Part 2 is up. I love the weekend car versus the weekday car.

- My guess is that once they play a season or two in MLS, the fans and teams will decide who Philadelphia's rivals are.

- The Washington Post's Steven Goff does an interview with a Seattle website ahead of the USOC final.

- Italy's Serie A is looking to copy what happened in England with the Barclay's Premier League split. And of course, it's all about the money.

- Here is a great breakdown of the diamond midfield 4-4-2.  Personally, I wish the Rhinos and the USMNT would get back to playing this formation.

- Another week and two more American Youth Internationals have moved abroad. I wonder what the history is with playersmaking mvoes like these? I know Eric Wynalda thinks it is a good idea.

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