DramaDevo's Direct Kicks

There is one good thing about the whole USL vs TOA tug of war: it generates a lot of talk during the off season.

During the usual off season where the only discussions are coaching changes and player moves, things usually get quiet around Jeff's blog, internet message boards, and the radio show.

But, with what is going on with regards to the uncertain future of 2nd Division pro soccer in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, there is certainly no lack of drama to go around.

And while the best stuff that is discussed on Saturday's takes place off the air during breaks, the same thing is happening now when it comes to what people will comment on "Off the Record" versus what they will publicly state "On the Record".

To quote TO, "Getcha Popcorn Ready" 

News & Notes:

- The title of the USL magazine show on FSC had an ironic ring to it when it was on last night in the midst of the TOA vs USL turmoil.

- The Cleveland City Stars are DOA per Inside Minnesota Soccer.

- The Kartik Report wonders if FC New York could be in the same boat.

- I definitely have to agree with Brian's take that Nike needs to take a lot of the blame for the current situation. Looking back, I wish they could have split the sale of the USL up so that the TOA was able to purchase the USL 1st Division for a reasonable price and the rest of the USL was sold to a third party.

- The Vancouver Whitecaps are signings players. I hope the Rhinos have some news on this front soon.

- The pots are set ahead of tomorrow's World Cup Draw. Personally, I have a bad feeling about this for the US. Although, Kartik has an optimistic view of the situation.

- And FIFA says no to added officials for the World Cup. Good call on that one......

- Good news for the US is that Jermaine Jones is back training.

- Danny Califf appears headed back to MLS with the Philadelphia Union.

- Landon Donovan talked to Bob Ley on Outside the Lines and Ridge Mahoney wonders if a move away from the LA Galaxy is in Landon's best interest. I think a move to a bigger club with a manager that will play Donovan a lot would be a good move. But, as many American players have found out, getting that ideal fit is easier said than done.

- Peter Wilt is back at Pitch Invasion and talks about his passion for the game. I love that the first game the Fire lost that really got under his skin was a US Open Cup loss to the Rhinos at Frontier Field.  

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