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It appears as if Rob Clark and Adirondack Bank are closer to finalizing a deal to take over the Rhinos than Dan Williams ever was. At least that it was Tom Richards is saying.

With less than two months until opening day, it's understandable that the current coaching staff and management team will be kept aboard. And while some people may be disappointed with a lack of a major housecleaning, I think it would be too close to opening day to make those sorts of changes. Especially since the majority of the player signings have to be done already and a new coaching staff might not mix well with the roster that the team will have.

Hopefully 2008 will be a learning experience for Mr. Clark and give him time to evaluate everyone from Matthew Ford and Laurie Calloway all the way down to the janitor so that the major lifting can take place before the 2009 season.

And for those that say that they should bag the 2008 season because of these reasons, I would disagree. Mr. Clark won't be able to learn on the job nearly as much if the team takes a year off.

If all goes well, we should have Mr. Clark and Tim Holt on tomorrow's show to talk about this week's developments.

As always, stay tuned................

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