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The 24th Minute

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The resolution of the USL-NASL conflict is upon us with the USSF holding a press conference this afternoon to announce the compromise solution that will allow a 2010 2nd Division season to take place.

The interesting part is the leaks that say the compromise includes US Soccer putting tighter limits on foreigners in the league and trying to emphasize getting more young American players into the league.

With this mess behind us, hopefully the Rhinos will be announcing some player signings over the next few weeks as Pat Ercoli, Bob Lilley, and company remake the Rhinos roster for 2010.

News & Notes:

- Brian Quarstad at Inside Minnesota Soccer recaps Peter Wilt's appearance on Saturday's show.

- Apparently the NY Red Bulls still haven't learned that foreign coaches rarely succeed in MLS.

- The Liverpool Daily Post and the Liverpool Echo take a look at Landon Donovan being introduced at Everton.

- US Soccer Daily has a stats based recap of 2009 for the USMNT. 

- I love Fake Sigi's take on the single entity system for MLS being a long term model and not just "training wheels".

- Have the Glazers maxed out their credit cards at Manchester United?

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