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The reaction to the Beckham news.....

Since the extension of the Beckham loan for an AC Milan-LA Galaxy friendly deal is complete, here are some of the best reactions:

SI.com - The Novelty of David Beckham is over

SBI.net - MMCB: Making sense of the Beckham deal

No Short Corners: "Innovative" Beckham deal finalized

100% Soccer - Beckham Update: Galaxy in Full Damage Control Mode

Toronto Sun - I'm just not that into you

LA Times - Galaxy coach expects David Beckham to contribute upon his return

I have found one person who is really happy about this.....

2009 MLS Salary information unveiled

It has come earlier than in the past as MLS has unveiled the list of player salaries for this season.

MLS Daily has come up with their all-underpaid team, the biggest winners, and the biggest drops from 2008.  

Here are some salaries that Rhino fans might be interested in:

Pat Onstad: $181,650

Dema Kovalenko: $137,618.75

Macoumba Kandji: $90,988.37

Carlos Mendes: $88,125

John Wolyniec: $80,000

And this last one made me laugh: Greg Sutton: $165,062.50

The latest scuttblebutt on MLS expansion:

- Could the Ottawa bid be more alive than most people think?

- The He said/She said continues in Portland....

- The $40 million gamble? That doesn't sound too good to me.......

- A Crew blog breaks down the Final Four.

- Canadian media continues to punch Vancouver's ticket.

- The 3rd Degree in Dallas is in on it, too!

- There is a piece about how a lot of work has to be done before MLS returns to Miami. Is it me, or has that ship passed?

News & Notes:

- The Miami Herald had a piece yesterday about how fans need to step up or Miami FC is gone.

- Natasha Kai scored a sick goal over the weekend. It was the lone goal in a 1-0 win over Iceland that put the US through to the Algarve Cup final.

- Somebody cares about the USL.

- Speaking of the USL, Luis Bueno has a really good article at SI.com about the USL doing well in the CCL.

- When you worry about how many people go to Rhinos games in 2009, you might want to keep this in mind.

- Here is a good article on why Seattle has done so well so far. Even the season ticket holder scarves will be made in Seattle!

- This news makes me go hmmmmmmmmm. Loan him to Rochester!

- At least Eddie Johnson scored a goal over the weekend.

- Austin played the Dynamo to a draw. That's a step up....

- I wonder if Kyle Veris was a guy that the Rhinos passed on before he signed with the Islanders.

- Charleston fell to Toronto FC in their opening Carolina Challenge Cup match. But, their 2009 jerseys look good.

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