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The Original Winger - Donovan and Bob Bradley interviews

MLS Insider - Alexi Lalas on Findley suspension

Forget all the stuff about the US needing to score first. That's too simple to point out. Here are the questions I'll be looking for answers about:

- Will we see a good game because the US knows that they advance with a win and Algeria knows that it needs to win to have any shot to advance?

- Does Bob Bradley go with the same four in the back after Gooch was exposed on both Slovenia goals?

- Does Maurice Edu get the start next to Michael Bradley in the center midfield? That is the combination that I've been waiting for all tournament.

- Who does get the start up top in place of Findley? Bob Bradley will have three main options: shift Dempsey up top and likely start Feilhaber or Holden in the midfield or just replace Findley with Gomez or Buddle. My choice would be start with Gomez and see if his knack for scoring goals pays off.

- Will the US be able to manufacture the desperation that they play with when they are down from the venom that is likely still left over from the Edu No Goal call?

All that being said, the US had better advance tomorrow to play this weekend.

News & Notes:

- Michael Bradley's goal celebration is now a work of art. Sam must be smiling.

- FIFA's head ref held a press conference yesterday about the state of officiating at the tournament.

- Tennis' version of A-Rod talks US-Slovenia.

- Yanks Abroad and MLS Insider look at how Freddy Adu's time at Aris is coming to an end.

- If you want a new Kappa Fulham jersey with a 323 on it, here is a sneak peak at what they look like.

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