twitterWith NHL UFA opening up today and my day job blowing up, I've been distracted the past few days, but here goes:

- The Rhinos came close on Tuesday night, but it wasn't enough in a 2-1 stoppage time loss to the Crew to get bounced from the USOC. Bob Lilley is now the only Rhinos coach in history without a win against an MLS team in the USOC.

I kid.

- Chicago got bounced by Charleston & NY got bounced by Harrisburg in the USOC. Sounders got past Portland on PKs last night.

- Devo calls for a new supporters section for the Rhinos. But it's easier said than done. The Rhinos need to find the right person to take the lead and create something from the ground up. That will not be easy.

- Landon Donovan was making the rounds (like on Letterman)and he and coach Bob Bradley were on The Daily Show.

- If you want even more Landon Donovan links, here you go.

- In case you couldn't guess, Landon Donovan is also a new internet sensation.

- Will David Silva to Man City end the Landon Donovan rumors?

- Clint Dempsey & Jozy Altidore to Serie A?

- No Short Corners has the top 5 World Cup duds and Unprofessional Foul has their Worst XI.

- If one thing could make me stop supporting the USMNT, this could be it.........

- Was there a Nike commercial curse?

- Sally Jenkins wants US Soccer to set their sights higher. I can't disagree.

- Jurgen Klinsmann comments on the future of US Soccer. The basketball comparison is one I've made a few times. US Soccer needs kids to play pickup soccer like kids play pickup basketball today. That will generatelots of kids with insane ball skills.

- Peter Wilt looks at what's next for Bob Bradley. Bob Bradley to DC United? Yes, please.

- Steve Davis has his USMNT World Cup player ratings.

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