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You know it's the off season and there is drama in the air when a post at Devo's blog has 30 comments, some of which are from an anonymous "Rhinos insider" and Soccer Sam.

And just so everyone knows, my D&C blog comment handle is JRW1974.

From what I've seen, Rob Clark is far from perfect. But, I'm pulling for the guy to improve things because he's the owner of the Rhinos.

The big question now is what's next in Rob's search for a GM and/or head coach. Once we have the answer to that question, then I think it will be fair to comment on the direction the franchise is gointg in the post-Ford/Tilley era.

Ultimately, winning with an entertaining style of play SHOULD bring the fans back.

Although, given how well the Amerks have started their season and the less than stellar crowds that they have drawn so far, who knows if even that will be enough.............

News & Notes:

- The Rhinos are getting Scott Vallow and Rex the Rhino in the community this week. 

- I wonder if the Minnesota Thunder losing a long time front office person to the Austin Aztex is a sign that the TOA thing isn't going as well as hoped?

- I wonder if the Rhinos will look at bringing back Charles Gbeke this off season?

- Greg Lalas looks forward to the Superclasico first round match up in the MLS playoffs.

- The USMNT has a date with Slovakia.

- I wonder if Mark Watson is on Rob Clark's head coaching radar?

- In news that should be less surprising than Scott Vallow returning to the Rhinos, Vancouver has re-signed Martin Nash for 2010.

- Here is an interesting look at supporter ownership in Italy.

- The Original Winger has a look at the art of supporting the USMNT.

- Jozy got fined for a tweet after showing up late to work with Hull City.

- It looks like Becks to AC Milan is almost a done deal. But, could Freddie be bailing on Seattle , too?

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