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The USL is holding a meeting of team owners that are committed to the 2010 USL 1st Division season and some expansion candidates at Nike HQ in Beaverton, Oregon this week.

Jeff has some early reports out of the meetings as Rhinos owner Rob Clark has given out the teams that are represented, including one member of the TOA, and some of the changes that are being discussed.

I hope that the USL doesn't crack down on Rob giving out this information and Jeff has some more news given all that is going on with regards to the future of the league.

News & Notes:

- USL has a "good old days" look at Pat Ercoli's first run with the Rhinos. 

- Steven Goff takes a look at the head coaching status around MLS. As does WVHooligan who thinks that Preki could leave Chivas USA and land in KC.

- It will be interesting to see if Richie Williams lands in DC or NY or if he's left without a seat....

- The Kartik Report is saying that both the USL and TOA are hiring lawyers. I doubt they'll start suing each other, but you never know.

- If you think Frontier Field or Rhinos Stadium or Blue Cross Arena have profitability issues, check out Wembley Stadium's P&L statement!

- Street & Smith's Sports Business Journal has a Q&A with Drew Carey about the Sounders.

- There is talk of Beckham and the Galaxy talking contract extension. I could see things working out such that Beckham moves to AC Milan through the 2010 World Cup and then he returns to MLS after that point.

- The author of Soccernomics is making the rounds. I always laugh when people talk about raising the level of MLS. It's all about the money. If MLS had the revenue streams to offer EPL sized contracts, you would see the profile of the league explode as the talent was imported.

- The Edgar Castillo rumor mill is out of control. 

- Jorge Campos could be FC Dallas' Technical Director? I hope his suits are off the hook like his goal keeping gear used to be!

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