First, I need to apologize for so much time off. I won't promise how active I'll be here, but I hope the posts will entertain at least.

I want to kick off this post talking about Clint Dempsey returning to MLS and specifically the Seattle Sounders. Reportedly , MLS paid the largest transfer fee in league history ($9 million) to get Dempsey back in the US. Seattle is reportedly guaranteeing Dempsey more money ($24 million over three and a half years) than any other player in league history.

The biggest question many have is what does Jurgen Klinsmann think of the move and how will it affect Dempsey's form next summer in Brazil should the US ride their current lead in the Hex to a berth in next year's World Cup?

Given how well Landon Donovan, and other MLS-based USMNTers, have performed for the USMNT, I'm not worried about this move affecting Dempsey's preparation for the World Cup. Heck, Dempsey could go on loan to a European club after the 2013 MLS reason ends and get tuned up that way. 

The intriguing question for me is what happens when a player you really like joins a club that isn't "your club"? I like Dempsey and I like DC United. 

Random takes: 

- The Rochester soccer community is short a great fan now that Mark Pallo and his family are moving south and will be supporting the Carolina RailHawks moving forward.

- This has been the worst season in Rhinos history and that is without debate. It will be interesting to see who they hire as the next head coach and what he can do to turn things around. Bob Lilley would be my first choice and Scott Vallow would be my second choice. But, we shall see.

- I can't wait to see what Aaran Lines and the WNY Flash can do down the stretch. Although, they might need to win two playoff games away from Sahlen's Stadium to win their fourth title in four years in four different leagues....

- Lancers season can't get here fast enough. And I can't wait to see the Dome get remodeled as it likely willbe the next home to the Lancers.

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