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Matthew Delicate was once again named the USL 1st Division Player of the Week. Aaran Lines and Tenywa Bonseu were also named to the USL 1st Division Team of the Week.

Deli's 5 goals in 6 games streak has him only one goal behind league leaders Edy Sebrango and Byron Alvarez. Delicate has now been named the USL 1st Division Player of the Week in weeks six and nine.

This is also the second week in a row that Aaran Lines has been named to the USL 1st Division Team of the Week.

A look at soccer fanaticism in the US

This Is American Soccer.com

In a topic that has been hotly debated, largely around whom the Rhinos need to market to, Adam Spangler has his take on how US soccer fans are improving in the eyes of those abroad.

With the immediate success in creating a great atmosphere at BMO Field, another big question is how can teams cultivate this time of fevered support of their clubs?

How can teams make fans like these the rule and not the exception?

Is it even possible?

Is it the best way to maximize revenues?

I know one thing, it's more fun for me to watch a match when people are into it as opposed to when the crowd appears to have mistaken a soccer game for the opera.

US-Canada is only one day away

Soccer by Ives

It's weird that tomorrow's Gold Cup semifinal between the US and Canada hasn't caused more action amongst the usual soccer media.

Even US Soccer.com seems to be slcking with regards to new stuff ahead of tomorrow's game. Although, they do have a couple of photo galleries up from training.

Hopefully there is a ton of stuff up all over the place tomorrow!

I'm jealous

Tri Soccer Fan.com

The RailHawks have hosted a friendly versus Chivas USA (granted it was primarily their reserve squad) and now they are getting an exhibition versus Cruz Azul from Mexico.

Where are the Rhinos exhibitions outside of the U-20 game between the US and Argentina?

I thought the team was working to bring an MLS team to town, along with a European club ala Sheffield Wednesday last season?

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