Decompression chamberI'm coming off of a six day weekend, so my head is swimming today.

But, here are some thoughts on what's gone on over the past week or so:

- I should be happy with the Rhinos ending their 8 game road trip in 3rd place and with a winning record at 4-3-1. But, the team picking up cards left and right and Vallow leading the league with 39 saves has me a tad worried.

That said, I can't wait for Saturday night!

- Devo had yesterday's USWNT game versus Canada in Toronto covered in his blog and with a story at D& as well.

Does it make me a bad person that I was hoping that Abby wouldn't score her 100th USWNT goal at BMO last night with the hope that she'll do it here in Rochester?

US has a match report and post-game quotes from the match as well. I had to laugh when Abby said "If I get called in" to the match in Rochester. 

Has it really been 11 years since Mia Hamm scored her 100th and 101st USWNT goals at Frontier Field?

- Apparently Rhinos games aren't the only place where red cards may be found this season.

- Seattle fans are stuffing the MLS All-Star voting ballot box. I wonder if Sigi Schmid would prefer that his players get the time off? Perhaps Sounders fans should stuff the ballot box to get the San Jose Earthquakes players on the field July 29th. I mean, tire them out for the San Jose-Seattle game four days later!

- Could Bobby Convey be Philadelphia's poster child heading into next season?

- The USMNT wants to play a friendly in Iran? I hope politics doesn't get in the way of this. But, they probably will........

- I find this article about DC being the US version of London funny since DC United is having such a hard time getting a new stadium built.

- As a DC fan and a NY hater, I love this article. I love the 8 Es as well!

- On a similiar note, this Chivas youtube clip is awesome!

- Wait a second. Michael Bradley in the discussion for best US player right now? I thought he was only on the team because his dad was the coach? Personally, I'd put him 4th behind Howard, Donovan, and Dempsey, but I do believe his play puts him in the discussion. Although, he does seem to have more consistent production at the club level than he has with the Nats. 

- I'm a day late with my Memorial Day link, but here goes: Kicks for Nick. ESPN replayed a SportsCentre spot on PFC Nick Madaras and it got me thinking. Nick Madaras Stadium has a nice ring to it.......

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