BBDevo's Direct Kicks

Well, there goes my first choice for the next head coach of the Rhinos.

I know the names of Steve Guppy and Dave Sarachan have been mentioned as well, but I can't see either of them leaving an MLS assistant coaching job for the Rhinos job.

It's going to be very interesting to see what path this coaching search goes down.

Does Rob Clark go for a hire that will harken back to the Rhinos glory years with someone like Doug Miller or Pat Ercoli getting the job?

Will he go with someone that has been active in the USL 1st Division more recently like Gavin Wilkinson should the Portland Timbers opt to take the 2010 season off ahead of their planned jump to MLS in 2011?

Will he go with someone that is off of everyone's radar?

Given that the next head coach of the Rhinos will be a GM/Head Coach, I think that having a keen eye for talent has to be a big piece of the puzzle.

News & Notes:

- Apparently Darren Tilley isn't headed to NY City.

- Rob Clark should talk to Peter Wilt to see if he has a guide about assembling and retaining a good team in the USL 1st Division!

- Cristian Arrieta was not on the Puerto Rico roster last night as Montreal took a 2-1 lead in their semifinal series last night. I wonder if Montreal will be sending John Ball a thank you card soon?

- Charles Gbeke had a goal and an assist last night as Vancouver took a 2-1 lead over Portland into the second leg of their semifinal series.

- Bob Bradley has named his 22 man roster ahead of the final two WCQs. Jimmy Conrad is back! I can't wait for the Studio 90 stuff with Jimmy.

- It will be interesting to see if AC Milan's struggles causes Beckham to change course.

- Apparently Beckham, or his people, have not only been talking to Joey Saputo and Montreal about going to MLS, but he's also looked at South Beach as well. That is a tough decision. Montreal is a better business move, but Miami has better weather....

- MLS players must be celebrating the news that BMO Field in Toronto will be getting natural grass for 2010.

- This is a really interesting question to contemplate.

- Hey Abby, nice socks!

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