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Miami Herald - Miami FC opens Saturday 

Miami Herald - More from Miami FC media day

We are a day away from the 2010 Rhinos season.

The $1 million question is who is more prepared for the season to open? 

Despite the fact that Miami FC will have the biggest name on the field in former MLS MVP Christian Gomez, I have a feeling that head coach Bob Lilley will have the better prepared team.

And in the end, soccer is a team sport and that's why I think that the Rhinos will be able to get a good result with a 1-1 draw in Miami. 

USSF D-2 Pro League season preview

Soccer America

After reading this, I'm wondering if they have the Rhinos finishing six like in the list or seven like they have in the little team capsule list?

Either way, I doubt Soccer America has the Rhinos where the team itself sees it finishing.

Although, I would expect the future MLS clubs to have the firepower to do well in 2010.

I also wonder if AC St Louis will struggle as much as Soccer America figures.

News & Notes:

- WV Hooligan has a podcast interview with former Rhino Danny Earls.

- Carolina may be looking to stay defensively sound while adding a little mroe pop offensively.

- Steve Davis likes what US Soccer is doing with the Claudio Reyna hire.

- The Philadelphia Union may be choosing between Luciano Emilio and Carlos Ruiz.

- Real Salt Lake has signed Kyle Beckerman to a new 4 year extension.

- MLS has added two roster spots for homegrown talent.

- Philly has high hopes for ticket sales for tomorrow's opener at the Linc.

- & Inside Minnesota Soccer are helping push tomorrow's edition of Kick This!

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