Devo and Rhinos owner Rob Clark had an online chat today at the D&C's website.

You can go to the chat archive above and perhaps get some questions you might have answered such as the status of international friendlies, how things are going on the suites, and the prospects of Rochester moving to MLS.

News & Notes:

- Center Line Soccer and the San Jose Mercury News have coverage on a step towards the Earthquakes getting a new stadium.

- The Seattle-Colorado US Open Cup Qualifier match will not be played at Qwest Field, but rather the former home of the USL's Sounders the Starfire Sports Complex. With the Sounders rabid support, I'm surprised that they couldn't get a big enough crowd to make things work at Qwest Field.

- Chelsea supporters will get 3 300 level sections to call their own when they visit Qwest Field later this year.

- Methinks that someone shouldn't provide bulletin board material for Toronto FC . Now if Montreal were talking smack.....

- has his take on the Abby-Daniela collision from this past weekend.

- Jozy is back on the practice field after surgery to remove an ingrown toenail.

- A player gets suspended for Swine Flu taunting? Seriously????

- A soccer team with attendance issues due to the location of their stadium? No way.......

- Here is an interesting little Q&A about the Minnesota Thunder's jersey sponsor.

- The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on soccer here and abroad.

- Noah Davis thinks President Obama should check out DC United.

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