cloudI've been away for a while, so I figured I'd have some quick comments on what has happened over the past week.

Rhinos crash out in Puerto Rico

What can you say? The team had a huge game, came out flat, Sancho received two first half yellows and that was it.

And when your three playoff goals are all scored by players that started the series as defenders.........

Rhinos will not bring back Matthew Ford & Darren Tilley

I was surprised at the timing of the announcement.

I understand that Rob Clark wanted to get moving. But, to put out the press release before the team had even left Puerto Rico was interesting, to say the least.

Jeff has his list of potential candidates in the D&C. If I were running the Rhinos, my first move would be to try and come up with an offer that Columbus Crew Technical Director Brian Bliss couldn't refuse. I believe that Brian Bliss has the blend of scouting ability, coaching ability, and local name recognition that makes him pretty much the perfect candidate for the opening.

The question is whether he'd want to leave the Crew for the Rhinos job. That is where coming up with an offer that he can't refuse comes in.....

But, I'm expecting either a former Rhino (like Pat Ercoli or Doug Miller) or someone with recent USL 1st Division experience (like Gavin Wilkinson or Bob Lilley) to get the job.

Rhinos announce season ticket plans for 2010

In another move that seemed to happen quickly, it is interesting to see that the 2010 season ticket prices are out.

Some of the noticable changes are that the Corner Kick Lounge has been replaced by a family section, the student supporters section has moved from section 101 to the area behind the goal in sections 115 through 118, and there is a viewing deck area in front of the supporters section.

I wonder how those two groups will mix?

Johnny Menyongar named to USL 1st Division All-League 1st Team

Congratulations have to go out to 2009 team MVP Johnny Menyongar for his selection to the All-League 1st team.

Hopefully he makes a full recovery from his season ending knee injury and he's back in form for opening day 2010.

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