Despite previous reports, Rhinos Head Coach Laurie Calloway said that he expects Tenywa "T-Bone" Bonseu to be back with the Rhinos in 2006. On Kick This!, the coach said that money had become an issue with Bonseu, but his attempts to get a more lucrative job overseas failed to happen and that they expect Bonseu back.

That would appear to be good news as the Rhinos defense looked to be rather inexperienced with Scott Schweitzer being the only grizzled veteran defender signed and expected back only a few days ago.

In other news, Coach Calloway did talk about the gaping hole at defensive midfield that was opened up with Rene Rivas retiring last week. Calloway mentioned Greg Howes, who spent time at defensive midfield last season after Rivas suffered the ankle injury that led to his retiring, along with Bonseu, Schweitzer, and two local rookies, Josh Bolton and Jordan Chirico. If the Rhinos do not go out and get a veteran defensive midfielder to replace Rivas, this could be a weak point that the Rhinos struggle to address all season long.

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