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It will be very interesting to see what Adirondack Bank wants to do with the Rhinos. From what I understand, they are looking at saving the 2008 Rhinos season and some believe that things could move rather quickly.

If Sam's group is to be involved, things will have to be buttoned up by the 12th as that is their own deadline for getting things lined up.

Sam may be getting on a plane bound for the USL offices in Tampa, Florida soon to get things moving with regards to their bid.

Although, Sam's approach varies largely from Adirondack Bank's approach as they want nothing to do with the current Rhinos team and the loan from NBT Bank. Obviously, NBT Bank doesn't like hearing that as they want to get as much money as they can back.

And as far as this week's Kick This! goes, Sam wants to wait and see what happens between now and Saturday.

News & Notes:

- The USWNT defeated China 4-0 in their Algarve Cup opener and Abby scored the 3rd US goal. But apparently Abby saved her biggest celebration for practice.

- MLSNet.com on the Texas Pro Soccer Festival that has kicked off this week.

- So how long before the David Beckham edition Sharpie comes out?

- US-Argentina on June 8th at Giants Stadium. Will Messi play is my question.

- Apparently Toronto FC isn't doing everything they can to provide a "Supporter Friendly" environment.

- Apparently Andy Dorman is impressing many in the short time he's spent so far in Scotland.

- Ridge Mahoney has a good look on the new team in Seattle.

- Greg Lalas' 3-5-2 column at Goal.com takes an interesting path to build an MLS team.

- San Jose is still looking for an impact player to spark the Earthquakes' offense.

- And when people complain about the spending on PAETEC Park, you can point out that at least we have something tangible for all the money that has been spent!

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