baltIt's too bad I didn't miss much over the past four days.

Just another in a long line of bad calls against the Rhinos, apparently a show outside the show on Saturday morning, and Darren Tilley trying to change the topic off of the officiating.

Now the focus has to shift to the Carolina RailHawks who are coming off a 3-0 win over Austin on Saturday night.

With the Rhinos seven points behind Carolina, tomorrow night's game is huge if the Rhinos hope to climb up a spot or two in the standings.

News & Notes:

- So much for Kenny Cooper sticking around with FC Dallas. And on the heels of his move to 1860 Munich, Kenny Cooper Sr. blasted MLS for the way it treats American players, like Kenny. I have to say he has some great points.

- Which leads us to the MLS Players Union and their demands for the next CBA with the league.......

- Curt Onalfo is out in Kansas City. I wonder what Brian Bliss thinks of that news?

- Abby Wambach is the first American to be named WPS Player of the Month. I think the only surprise there is that it took so long!

- Why am I guessing that Thierry Henry would have far less of an impact on MLS than Beckham has? And Beckham hasn't changed things immensely. Now if MLS were able to land Lionel Messi in his prime.....

- Twitter has arrived!

- Hull City is looking to grab Jozy Altidore.

- Luis Bueno says that the US should fear Mexico and Steve Davis is calling for a 1-1 draw. My heart says the US builds upon their Confed Cup success. But, my head says that Mexico finds a way to win in Azteca.

- Ridge Mahoney has a huge "State of MLS" article up at Soccer

- Here is a big crack on the Portland MLS bid at The

- The Toronto Globe & Mail has an update on Montreal's MLS dreams.

- If Crystal Palace Baltimore gets a stadium, I would think that they would be in the mix to jump up to the USL 1st Division.

- There was a cool Clint Dempsey piece on Futbol Mundial.

- I love wild predictions!

- Puerto Rico is hosting Toronto tonight in CCL play. Toronto is talking tough, but I expect the Islanders to advance to group play.

- MLS Talk had a good podcast interview with Grant Wahl.

- Sorry, but I'm not buying that Miami is a good market for MLS to get into.

- OK, so there is one coach in US pro soccer that is more ticked at refs than Darren Tilley: Tony DiCicco.

- Today's Ask the Expert at D& is Scott Vallow.

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