TS3I'm back from the four day weekend. Had to love the Rhinos 2-1 win over Montreal on Saturday night. Thank goodness Constanzo got the insurance goal that turned into the game winner with Montreal getting a goal in stoppage time.

Here are some of the best links out there:

- I gotta love Devo getting to do a Rhinos article on a non-day of or after a game!

- The NASL is Canada dreaming.

- With Charleston getting bounced last night, Harrisburg is the last non-MLS standing in the Open Cup.

- Tonight's Seattle-LA US Open Cup Quarterfinal should be interesting. Seattle is struggling and LA has Donovan and Buddle back. But, the game is a "home" game for Seattle at the Starfire Complex and who knows how serious Bruce Arena will take this match.

- The US Open Cup Champion may not get a CONCACAF Champions League berth.

- This might kill the Ronaldinho to LA rumors.

- If you think that AC St Louis & the St Louis Athletica had issues meeting payroll, check out how big a loan Barca needed to pay their people.

- Here is a cool look at the origins of the jersey swap.

- Bubba likes free beer? No way.....

- The USA 10 Kit wonders if the 4-4-2 is dying off.

- Bob Bradley to Fulham? That would be a shocking move and would allow Bob to get out of Dodge ahead of the posse.

- I hope that Clint Dempsey doesn't land with AC Milan. Clint needs to be on a club where he'll play. I love the guy, but I can't see that happening at AC Milan.

- Steve Davis expects US Soccer to replace Bob Bradley.

- If Jürgen Klinsmann replaces Bob Bradley like MLS Talk suggests, here may be his blueprint for remaking US Soccer.

- Pitch Invasion also looks at how German soccer transformed itself.

- MLS Talk wonders if the US would have been better off diving and cheating. Personally, I hope the USMNT never, ever dives.

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