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This has to be the USMNT's best chance to win in Azteca that they have had in a long time.

Before the Gold Cup win, Mexico has been struggling so far in qualifying.

The US's A-squad had the miracle run to the Confed Cup final.

The US is relatively healthy and they have a mix of players that are in-season and in pre-season.

And even adding all that up, I'll be happy with a point.

News & Notes:

- Bad news on the Marina Auto Stadium front: Rob Clark says that $1 million has to be spent to reinforce the first level of the stadium. They should have spent some of the $20 million that was wasted on plans for Ren Square on improving MAS!

- takes a look at Ty Harden's road back to MLS.

- You have 3 days left to register your youth team for the Soccer in the Sand tournament.

- Link of the Day #1: Pitch Invasion does a pretty cool comparison between the supporters in Seattle and Portland.

- Link of the Day #2: Bruce at du Nord has a cool banner making post up. 

- Freddy Adu is about to land in Denmark's 2nd Division? Stick a fork in him if he can't get regular playing time there.

- Miami FC has signed another fading Brazilian legend in Junior Baiano.

- Here is a nice article on Kyle Martino's move to the broadcast booth.

- Landon Donovan speaks out on the MLS CBA issues. He's also going to be on Sports Nation today.

- ESPN's Press Pass has their two cents on Jozy Altidore to Hull City.

- Here are the latest pictures on the progress of Philadelphia Union's home.

- Lindsay Tarpley tore her ACL in her final training session of the 2009 WPS season.

- This is definitely on my bucket list. I think I'll go in 16 to 20 years when my boys are old enough to go as well.

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