NLVIt looks like Rob Clark has had another candidate slip off the hook.

Last week Rob hinted that an announcement could be in the works for early this week when he was on Soccer is a Kick in the Grass.

Then I had one person send me a message indicating that a press conference could be held today.

And during our show on Saturday, a listener called up to tell Jeff that he'd see him today at the press conference.

Well, here we are and I have yet to see anything from the Rhinos to suggest that there is a press conference today.

Since we're in "Who would make a good Rhinos coach" mode, here are some takes:

MLS Coaches on the Hot Seat

Richie Williams - Yes please. But, I'd expect him to land in DC

Frank Yallop - He'd cost too much. If not, heck yeah!

Peter Vermes - I'd take him or the guy he replaced: Curt Onalfo

Schellas Hyndman - Why not? The last Dallas cast off to land in the USL-1 has done pretty well....

Chris Cummins - I'd probably take a pass because of the resources he was given in Toronto.

Tom Soehn - He would be a very interesting candidate.

Gary Smith - I'd be more interested in Steve Guppy coming back if the Colorado staff gets let go as that is much more likely, IMO.

News & Notes:

- Rob Clark has shot down a rumor that Pat Ercoli was being courted as the next Rhinos head coach.

- Tony Meola and Mark Lisi are looking to get a job with the Red Bulls. Claudio Reyna wants to help the Red Bulls, but not as a coach. I wonder if any of them sent their resume to Rob Clark?

- It's not a stadium naming rights lottery. This time it's a shirt sponsor lottery.

- The Rhinos should have an Insider contest!

- Every owner in MLS & USL-1 should take this approach to style of play.

- Ty Harden is up for a WVH 2009 MLS Award . But no Pat Onstad in the mix for GK of the Year?

- Houston at Seattle on Thursday night on ESPN2 kicks off the 2009 MLS playoffs.

- Hull City's Phil Brown has his take on the "Dozy" Altidore situation.

- US has a Thank You Fans video up on Youtube.

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