April FoolsDevo's Direct Kicks


Honestly, there wasn't a whole lot here that I didn't know about.

The big things moving forward will be selling the suites once their finished and getting a solid naming rights deal done.

Rob Clark has to have expectations on what those revenue streams will become. If the actual dollars flowing into the team's coffers from those revenue streams are a lot less than planned, then I would start getting concerned about how long Rob Clark will stick around and try and make the Rhinos work.

News & Notes:

- FC New York officiallyunveiled their plan to join the USL 1st Division next season. I love the "Slay the Bull" logo!

- Greg Lalas talks about Frankie Hejduk at SI.com. He is just that Little Engine That Could for my money.

- Now that the USMNT got their wake up call, hopefully they take care of business tonight versus T&T. (Sorry Tiger, Brent, and Craig)

- I hope the US isn't wearing silver jerseys tonight. I never liked the gold ones the USWNT wore.

- The Fox Soccer Channel has pried the Champions League TV rights away from ESPN.

- This ad featuring Ben Olsen and other DC United players is pretty funny. Although it does kind of rip off some old Nike ads.

- Speaking of DC United, this twist in their stadium saga is weird.

- Could their be money issues with Portland's MLS expansion bid?

- Apparently San Antonio is throwing their 10 gallon hat into the MLS expansion race.

- Toronto FC supporters need a "Don't Tase me, bro" chant!

- Jeff Parke to Vancouver is official......

- This looks like a really cool soccer documentary.

- It looks like they will be the Vancouver Whitecaps in MLS. That's good news.

- Ade Akinbiyi to Houston is official as well.

- Big Soccer was purchased for $4 million?

-Was he hanging out with Pacman Jones?

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