Show me the money!13

Admar Supply is the latest company to sue the Rhinos in an attempt to collect money owed to them for services rendered.

Admar is suing for "only" $5421.80 and that seems like a drop in the bucket compared to say the $11 million that the bank that has loaned the Rhinos to build and operate PAETEC Park, but it is yet another local company that hasn't gotten paid and feels like suing is the only way to collect.

The twist to this story has to do with whether the portion of the story about the City taking over PAETEC Park is completely accurate.

Ryan Whirty at The Pressbox Powertrip wonders if the City is blowing smoke. Personally, I think it's Rachel Barnhart not getting all her facts exactly right.

As Chris Wilmot said on Kick This! on Saturday, the City doesn't want to take over PAETEC Park as much as they want the Rhinos and the stadium to transfer into the hands of someone that can make the team and the stadium financially viable.

And given all the various debts that the Rochester Sports Group has with all it's various teams, it's obvious why the City wants the current management removed from the situation.

News & notes:

- The build up to tomorrow's US-Mexico game is certainly getting covered everywhere from the USMNT Blog to talking about the Bradley's to taking a look at what the US-Mexico rivalry means in 2008.

- Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash has invested in the WPS. The story doesn't say whether he's an owner of one of the teams, but it's a cool story either way.

- Romario is calling it quits both as a player and a coach. The playing part was expected, but the coaching part was a bit of a surprise.

- There is good news for KC Wizards fans. The group that was against the proposed location of a new stadium for the MLS club has called it quits.

- It will be interesting to see how Brad Guzan plays this season after a potential transfer to Aston Villa fell through. Although, the EPL club is already saying that they hope to make another run at Guzan in the summer. If that doesn't motivate Guzan to play well, I don't know what will.

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