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Yesterday was the day that Abby Wambach took part in a media conference call to talk about her injury, her rehab, and her wishes for her team going into the Olympics.

Abby's long road back to the soccer field started yesterday when she had her first rehab session at Athlete's Performance at the Home Depot Center in LA.

The amazing thing to me was how well she seems to be taking this setback. Especially given the fact that this is the first major injury of her career.

If there were to be a How To book on how to handle something like this, Abby should write it. Whether it's accepting her situation and not overreacting to trying to help her teammates get over the loss of a key member of the team, Abby has been handling way better than can be expected.

News & Notes:

- Jeff had a nice article in today's D&C about the three members of the Rhinos Women that are looking forward to the WPS combine in September. 

- The LA Times and the NY Times both have some interesting articles on Beckham's impact on MLS one year in.

- For all the gamers out there, has a cool article on Toronto FC's Maurice Edu taking part in motion capture for FIFA '09.

- Landon Donovan to the EPL? Yanks Abroad is saying that Landon isn't backing away from comments he's made about the Premiership beign the best place to play.

- Steve Goff is saying that NBC will have a soccer specific Olympic coverage channel that will have all 58 men's and women's games.

-  is taking the supporters' side in this clash with security at Giants Stadium.

- Freddy Adu is on the move from Benfica to Monaco. Monaco is also reportedly interested in Adu's Olympic teammate Michael Bradley.

- has a cool piece of DeRo heading home for the All-Star Game.

- If people think the economics in the USL are rough, it's interesting to note that the new third division league in Germany is having some financial struggles as well.

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