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I get up way too early to watch last night's game live.

So, when the news this morning said Abby was out of the Olympics, I ran downstairs, rewound the tape, and checked to see what happened.

Thankfully, it wasn't Nicky Spooner v2.0 and the play was a clean 50-50 challenge for a ball and Abby was unfortunate to suffer breaks to the tibia and fibula in her left leg.

Abby will get titanium rods inserted to help stabilize the bones and she'll be out about three months with the injury.

While some people are worried about the long term effects this willhave on Abby's career, I'm of the opinion that this should be just a minor bump in the road.

If Abby had broken her ankle on the play, then I think that people should be concerned about a situation developing like DC United midfielder Ben Olsen has struggled with.

And if her knee had absolutely blown up, ala Lenin Steenkamp, then I think that there would be reason for concern.

But, this does appear to be an injury that would led itself well to a full recovery.

Plus, I can't see Abby letting Brazil stop her!

News & Notes:

- Oh yeah, Natasha Kai scored the lone goal to give the US another 1-0 win over Brazil.

- Don Garber might step in and make Chicago and Toronto agree on a deal that would send Brian McBride's rights to Chicago per SBI.net. Seems to me that Toronto is about to get railroaded.

- Clint Mathis to the Rhinos? Oh wait, he's buddies with Jason Kreis. Nevermind.....

- SBI.net doesn't like the latest batch of MLS All-Star game call ups. I really don't get why Schelotto and Emilio aren't going.

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