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One look at the USL 1st Division standings will tell you that the Montreal Impact are struggling in 2008.

But, I was mildly surprised to see Nick De Santis step down as the Impact's head coach, move to a new technical director position, and see that another former Impact player, John Limniati,has replaced Nick on the bench.

It will be interesting to see how Montreal reacts to the shake up.

- Andrea Canales has an interesting take on the new MLS streamer throwing rule. Much like the gateway drug theory, apparently pelting visiting players with streamers is viewed as a gateway to more unruly and dangerous supporter behavior that must be stopped.

Perhaps the most famous Minnesota Thunder fan of them all appears to agree:

du Nord

"I am really happy that MLS is finally outlawing fans throwing streamers are players during the run of play, especially during corner kicks. I hate it, and feel 100% that can only lead to idiots throwing more things at players, as if that already doesn't happen"

Perhaps the Stampede should stock up on blue streamers for when Minnesota visits PAETEC Park?

- Jozy Altidore was officially introduced as a member of Villareal. It's too bad that they didn't have his number picked out prior to the press conference....

- Here is a cool story about some Chicago and Columbus fans getting together to kickstart a campaign against racism.

Now if only the local police supplying security at the match had known about things....

- talks about who should start for the US versus Barbados on Sunday. Does it really matter at this point?

- Gabriele Marcotti at talks about Big Phil Scolari taking over Chelsea and how the current Portugal boss could be whispering in Cristiano Ronaldo's ear to leave Manchester United and move to Real Madrid. Drama between the two EPL rivals? No way.....

- If anyone is wondering why Real Salt Lake hasn't really improved since joining MLS, here is a good example of why.

- Beau knows soccer.

- Be sure and tell all your friends about how they can get 4 tickets for $20 to tomorrow night's game versus Vancouver!

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