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What started out mid-day yesterday as a few rumors has exploded as the news has circulated throughout the internet.

Apparently both AC St Louis of the USSF D-2 Pro League and the St Louis Athletica of WPS are in serious financial trouble. And while they may be able to pull together enough money to survive through the 2010 season, it is doubtful that they will be in business beyond this season.

While a WPS team struggling isn't surprising since the LA Sol didn't make it to WPS season #2, it is mildly surprising that AC St Louis is struggling given all the talk about the USSF vetting teams more than the USL has in the past and the fact that former AC St Louis owner Jeff Cooper was the interim NASL commissioner and someone who had been trying to both buy the USL and get an MLS team for St Louis.

If AC St Louis folds after the season, one has to wonder if the new NASL will ever have a season to truly call their own.

I guess we can get ready for another wild off season once the 2010 season is completed especially since mixed into the reports of AC St Louis struggling are reports that Crystal Palace Baltimore is struggling as well. Add in issues drawing fans for a lot of clubs throughout the league and once again there will be off season debates about the future of 2nd division soccer.

News & Notes:

- Devo has the breaking news on who will be Bob Lilley's starting goalkeeper tomorrow night in Vancouver. 

- If you think that the USSF D-2 standings have a conference to conference gap in results, check out how much better the Western Conference of MLS is.

- MLS's Second to None is back and check out this funny clip from the Portland-Crystal Palace Baltimore match.

- I like how the Union has responded to Pires' dissing their city.

- Free Rossi? Really? I think Giuseppe just needs to embrace the villian role.

- We need more Mexican pick up soccer leagues in this country.

- This Is American has a look at Sacha Kljestan.

- So, boatloads of La Liga teams (pretty much everyone not named Barca or Real Madrid) are having financial issues. Awesome!

- Brian Quarstad of Inside Minnesota Soccer, The Milwaukee Wave's Peter Wilt, Rhinos head coach Bob Lilley, and perhaps a Rhinos player is the planned guest list for tomorrow's edition of Kick This!

The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author, and not necessarily those of the Rochester Rhinos or Feel free to send any comments or complaints to James promises to read (but not to respond) to all of them.