Rhinos announce additional owners

Everyone wants to know what this announcement means for the chances that the Rhinos will move to MLS.

Personally, I don't think this improves those chances at all. Peter Bourne doesn't appear to be a guy that has the hugely deep pockets needed to make a move to MLS happen. Wilmot may or may not have the money to make it happen. But, I have doubts that he really wants to plunk down $30 to 40 million to see it happen.

I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see this as a break through in the Rochester in MLS dream that many fans have.

2007 Schedule is out

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Once again the Rhinos play a road heavy schedule to start the season with 9 of the first 11 matches away from PAETEC Park. Personally, I like that as a fan who doesn't want to freeze their rear end off at home games early in the season.

The one thing I don't like all that much is the fact that Montreal doesn't cometo town until the final two home games of the season. The upside to that scheduling quirk is that if Rochester and Montreal end up in a dogfight for the top spot in the USL First Division, those last three weekends of the regular season will be extremely pressure packed.

The Rhinos also have only two back to back situations on the schedule this season. Although, there are five two games in three nights situations and the Rhinos will be very busy over the 4th of July holiday week as they will play on July 3rd, 6th, and 8th.

Rhinos select two midfielders in USL draft

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The Rhinos selected midfielders Ryan Wileman (first-round, 12th overall) and PJ Scheufele (second-round, 25th overall) in the United Soccer League First Division 2007 College Player Draft. The Rhinos now have 14 days to sign both players to USL-1 contracts.

Wileman is a defensive midfielder that may get a long look in training camp with Greg Howes potentially retiring.

Scheufele is more of an attack minded midfielder who spent some time across the pond after completing his career at Dartmouth.

The key now is to get these guys signed within the next week.

Zinho is back with Miami FC

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Romario won't be back, but Miami FC will have Zinho back in 2007. Sean Fraser, Stephane Guillaume, John Paul "JP" Rodrigues, John Pulido and Walter Ramirez were also re-signed by the club.

It will be interesting to see how well Miami FC does in year two in the USL. They were one of the most entertaining teams last year. But, that didn't mean a whole lot when it came to results.

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