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After listening to Eric Wynalda talk up just how bad it is to play in Azteca and to hear him hope that they can get out of today's match only losing 2-0 to Mexico, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high.

But, Eric said that if the weather is cool and wet, then the US might be able to survive the elements and give Mexico a game.

Well, it's in the low 70s and there is a 40% chance of rain in Mexico City today according to

I hope that is enough to get the US team through. 

The biggest question is if the US wins, what will be more gratifying: finally winning in Azteca or perhaps the loss being too much for Mexico to overcome and they don't make the World Cup.

I may have to go with keeping Mexico from making the trip to South Africa!

News & Notes:

- Kenney Bertz was named to the USL 1st Division Team of the Week.

- Using a DC United marketing website to then mock the NY Red Bulls? BRILLIANT!

- Portland is going to try to extend their league unbeaten string to 21 games tonight in Montreal. Hopefully they get beat up prior to Saturday's match.

- Charleston smoked Cleveland 4-1 last night to move back to the top of the table.

- US Soccer's World Cup bid has a website.

- Red Bull Arena's roof continues to go up.

- This is an interesting take on the challenges Montreal might face when making the jump to MLS. Although, since Toronto FC has gotten bounced from the CCL by USL teams each of the past two years, is the gap that big?

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