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As usual, US is doing a great job bringing fans behind the scenes looks as the US prepares to take on Mexico on Wednesday night in Columbus.

But it's interesting how some of the other outlets are covering the lead up to Wednesday.

Luis Bueno's column at focuses on Frankie Hejduk and his intimate knowledge of the US-Mexico rivalry. But my favorite part was the first question Luis answered in the Q&A section. 

Jonah Freedman takes a look at Bradley's 20 man roster and picks out the biggest snubs. To me, Freddy Adu isn't a huge snub as he's had almost no playing time for Monaco, Kenny Cooper's only argument to be on the roster is that Jozy Altidore hadn't played a lot with Villareal, Maurice Edu and Jay DeMerit both have playing time issues, and Orozco is a stretch given the depth on the US defense outside of left back.

David Beckham tug of war


Beckham is saying that it's "not about the money".

But, that's not what the LA Galaxy and AC Milan are saying.

Apparently AC Milan offered up $10 million for Beckham and LA turned it down with reports setting their asking price at around $22 million.

MLS got $10 million from Villareal for Jozy Altidore. So, I can see why LA would want more than that for Beckham (and Landon Donovan should Bayern Munich ring them up as well).

So, it will be interesting to see what happens in this game of chicken. My guess is that, as usual, Beckham gets what he wants one way or another.

News & Notes:

- If you missed Saturday's Kick This! with special guest co-host John Ball, the podcast is up. It is filled with breaking news like Danny Earls' "getting married".

- Former USL 1st Division leading scorer Cam Weaver to San Jose is official. And yes, there are a boatload of fans in Seattle that are not happy to see the former Sounder suiting up for a conference rival.

- DC United is close to re-acquiring Christian Gomez. I hope he can re-gain his MVP form with the black and red.

- Roger isn't sticking with DC United as his family decided that they didn't want to move to the US. 

- Steve Davis has a new Five Aside article up with some interesting takes like the increasing USL influence on MLS.

- I wonder if MLS will ask for Ze Roberto if Bayern asks about Landon Donovan?

- The Timbers will head south to take on San Jose in a preseason match.

- Chelski is panicking.

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