RentTomorrow the Rhinos will hold a press conference to announce the new naming rights sponsor of the stadium, along with the radio dup for the 2009 Rhinos radio broadcasts.

I have no idea who the naming rights sponsor is, other than Sam's hints that it is a local company, and I'm hoping for a company like Wegman's. But, we shall see.

As far as the radio duo goes, I will say that I will be very, very surprised if there are more than one or two fans that have a bad thing to say about the direction the team is going in.

I expect the announcement to be met with a lot more positive responses than negative.

But, Rhinos fans could surprise me.

News & Notes:

- I forgot to mention yesterday that Soccer Sam has been nominated for the 2009 Class of the Frontier Field Walk of Fame. I hope I don't get fired.....

- I was surprised that Darren Kenton (and I think he stole Ross Smith's shorts) started at d-mid for the Rhinos yesterday and Tai Atieno was dangerous on more than a few occasions. It's too bad that Tiger hit a post and Johnny Menyongar grazed the top of the cross bar and they had to settle for a 1-1 draw.

- Mac Kandji is no longer considered a foreigner by MLS.

- The USMNT Blog has the T&T behind the scenes up and US has the ProZone Analysis up. 

- Red Bull Arena had a big milestone yesterday with the "topping off" ceremony.

- Philly's MLS expansion club has a new president who's previous MLS experience was in Tampa Bay.

- Apparently some people in Portland aren't on board with fast tracking the plan put forward to upgrade PGE Park for MLS use.

- The Jimmy Conrad Show is back.

- I wonder if the small MLS rookie class will mean better rookies in the USL this season?

- Fredy Montero got some good news in that the local prosecutor will not file charges against him due to a lack of evidence.

- Could Heath Pearce be headed to an MLS club near you?

- I guess's Noah Davis didn't get the memo that Bob Bradley is a Eurosnob.

- My guess is that Pat Onstad is a little happier now that he has a new defender on board and he's Canadian to boot!

- President Obama is trying to lend a hand to US Soccer's attempt to land another World Cup.

- Carolina's Mark Schulte won the 1st USL 1st Division Player of the Week Award for 2009.

- In an attempt to keep my job, I have to include this soccer-wrestling crossover story from San Jose Earthquakes practice.

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