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September 4, 2004

Tommy Tanner - Salty Dog GM, Pat Ercoli - Rhino Head Coach

August 28, 2004

Chris Economides - Rhino GM, Corey Wolfolk - Rhino Forward

August 21, 2004

Pat Ercoli - Rhino Head Coach, Lauri Calloway - Salty Dogs Head Coach, Scott Schweitzer - Former Rhino, John Ball - Atlanta Midfielder

August 14, 2004

Shaun Tsakiris - Rhino Midfielder, Greg Sutton - Montreal Keeper, Kerry Zavagnin - US National Team

August 7, 2004

Superfan, Rene Tadal - Coach of Ravens, Gabe Valencia - Charleston Player

July 31, 2004

Chris Economides - Rhino GM, Frank Duross - President of Rhinos, Nina Scalzo - Raven's player, Andrew Bell - Voice of the Charleston Battery

July 17, 2004

Matt Dempsey - NE Midfielder, Lee Collishaw - Coach of Richmond, Mike Kirmes - Player for Virginia Beach

July 10, 2004

Pat Ercoli - Rhinos' Coach, Andrew Bell - Charleston Announcer

July 3, 2004

Nick DiSantis - Montreal Coach , Mauro Biello - Montreal Player, Bill Garno - RIT Coach, Jim Mort - Jr. Rhino President and Coach

June 26, 2004

John Wilson - Rhino Defender, Chris Economides - Rhino GM, David Hayes - Former Rhino Player, Sarah Popper - WUSA Player from Pen Yann, Mike Reidy - Jr. Rhino U13 Player

June 19, 2004

Chris Economides - Rhino GM, Theo Zagar - Rhino Keeper, Linda Kurtica - Rochester Reign Player, Abby Wambach - Woman's National Team Player

June 12, 2004

Freddie Adu! Other guests include Mike Kirmse, David Wright, Tim Holt (director of operations with the A-League), Chris Economides

June 5, 2004

John Ball - Atlanta midfielder

May 29, 2004

Chris Economides - Rhino GM, Pat Ercoli - Rhino Coach, Chris Carrieri - Rhino Forward, Neto - Rhino Midfielder, Shaun Tsakiris - Rhino Midfielder

Kick This! is currently taking a radio break due to COVID19. We will be back soon!

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